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How to make your food tasty?

Many of us are strict vegetarians and once in a lifetime have heard vegetarian food is not as tasty as non-vegetarian food”. Well, that is not correct there are so many dishes which are much more delicious. Here in this article, it is shared how you can make your food tastier, no matter which gem of vegetarian cuisine you are eating.

Use fresh ingredients

The secret behind most of the tastiest recipes is fresh ingredients. Be it vegetables, spices, and other small but important ingredients all should be fresh. The taste of any dish can be increased to a great extent if you use fresh materials. If you think this does not work, follow this once and you will experience a completely different taste in the same food you have been eating all your life.

Add spice to the dish

This is true that too spicy dishes can harm. But if you know how much spice the dish requires your taste buds are going to experience pleasure. Some spices like turmeric, ginger, and garlic have health benefits also and that is why they should be a part of your recipes. Herbs like basil and mint are another must to add to your drinks.

You will love beans

All of us like to avoid eating beans because they don’t have many flavors. But once to start eating them mixed with vegetables and fruits, there is no going back. You will love them like never before and will add them to your daily. Another secret is cooking your beans with flavored water and getting a taste that you have never experienced.

Limited intake of salt is good

Salt is a necessary ingredient in your diet and increases the taste to a great extent. Although some people avoid salt to reduce the ill effects. A pinch of salt in your meal will not do any harm rather it will help in maintaining the blood pressure. And it will soften the vegetables quickly and give you a better taste in anything be it rice, bread, or vegetables.


Next time anyone tells you “veg food is bland” make them taste the most flavorful dish with all the fresh veggies, spices, fruits, and most importantly balanced salt. They will never tell you that again. Also, vegetarian food is best for maintaining your health without any adverse effects both physically and emotionally. Now you know the secret to tasty food, enjoy your next flavorful meal.