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Financial Planning & Investment Solutions

All across the world, we are finding ourselves in very tricky times. COVID-19 has seen many of us confined to our homes, some of us out of work. With extra time on our hands and uncertainty about the future, it has never been more important to think about your finances. 

The world is changing, and being able to adapt is vital. How many of us were financially prepared for a situation like this? Whether you still have an income, or you have plenty of savings, looking forward to the future is imperative if we are to support our family and extended family members. 

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There are lots of ways we can stabilise ourselves and come out of a crisis better than we went into it. Proper financial planning and investments can work for us and give us a healthier financial future. 

Those of us, with a robust financial plan, should also consider revising it. We are dealing with a global situation that we haven’t seen in our lifetime; this makes it very hard to know the answers and plan for a reliable outcome. 

A good financial planning advisor can help work through several options which will help adapt your current plan or set you off on a new one. 

So, how can we manage our money in difficult times like this? 

Revisit your budget

One of the most simple steps you can take to create or update a financial plan is to take a look at your budget. If you are doing this for the first time, then take a retrospective look. How much did you spend in the last two years? Is there a pattern in the increase or decrease in your spending? By going through all your expenditure and then looking at your current income, or savings, you can create a budget which suits your needs. 

One of the advantages we have in this crisis is that many of the social activities we spend money on have closed down. We are also travelling less. You may find you have more money available each week because of this. 

Set yourself a new budget and work out how long you can survive on the money you have available. Is it something you can do long term? Often our anxiety is higher when we procrastinate over issues. By writing them down and seeing the reality, we can control our spending and regain some focus.

Don’t obsess over your investments.

If you have pensions or other investments, you may be panicking if the value is going down. You might even consider pulling your money out or investing in another area.

Most investments are long-term, particularly pensions. Try not to panic. It is usual for the value of investments to fluctuate, and in times of crisis, this can look particularly severe. Before you do anything, speak to an independent financial advisor. Depending on your circumstances, they may give you a number of options. 

Investing during an economic crisis can seem like a good idea when prices are low you buy and then sell when they shoot up again, however it is a very high-risk way of investing, and many people have lost money during past recessions doing this. 

Your financial advisor may help you work out a potential pathway if you have the available funds and want to pursue this risk, however, make sure you take their advice and respect their knowledge of this sector. 

Understanding your debts and loans

If you have lost your income, then it’s important to revisit all the loans you may have. This includes any overdrafts and / or credit cards. You might find you are entitled to a payment holiday. You may also be able to do a balance transfer to ease the level of interest you are paying. 

A good financial advisor can help you understand what your options are, however, if you are finding it difficult to make payments or know you may have an issue coming up, always get in touch with your creditor. Reputable companies won’t want you to get into more debt. Most banks offer support to their customers and help them manage their finances. They have some excellent tips and might be able to point you in the directions of organisations that can help.

Working out some financial planning and investment solutions will help guide you through difficult times and give you a strong focus on rebuilding your plans for the future. 

Whatever happens, you can find financial security, and you will weather this storm. 

The Biscuit Factory Wedding Venue

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Here at The Biscuit Factory wedding venue in Newcastle, you can enjoy a unique combination of contemporary and historic features as you celebrate your special day in style!

Surrounded by beautiful architecture, modern art and unique industrial designs, you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy a design-led celebration that is personally created with your tastes in mind.

Dance, Enjoy and Remember!

In the light-filled gallery, you can say your vows and take home the most breath-taking photographs! Underneath the warm, original wooden beams and exposed brickwork, your friends and family can dance the night away in our beautiful, unique space, and remember the stunning surroundings for years to come.

Your wedding venue should provide effortless memories to cherish forever, so explore our stunning spaces today.

Original and Contemporary Wedding Venue for Couples Seeking a Unique Celebration

The Biscuit Factory wedding venue provides a breath-taking backdrop for your unique wedding celebration. Housed in a former Victorian warehouse, our independent art gallery features eye-catching industrial architecture and original features that cannot be replicated in any other wedding venue!

Complemented by stunning contemporary art in a vibrant, urban venue, it’s the ideal place for modern couples to celebrate their big day with friends and family.

With your own personal coordinator, you can treat yourself to an exclusive consultation at our wedding venue so that you can explore the divine details within The Biscuit Factory wedding venue in Newcastle. Together, we’ll work together to craft your dream celebration so that every unique detail is special to you.

Details and Inspiration 

Our goal is to help you handcraft your dream wedding celebration. Whether you’re hoping to celebrate with 50 or 250 wedding guests, our unique space can cater to a whole host of different requirements. From intimate weddings to large celebrations, our wedding venue has the flexibility to offer both. Together, with our friendly and professional planning team you can plan each detail of your special day and create a memorable wedding celebration bursting with happiness, joy and your unique style.

Work With the Calm, Experienced and Dedicated Team at Our Wedding Venue

Getting prepared for your wedding day comes with a whole host of different jobs and duties, but our team is here to make everything run smoothly and seamlessly from start to finish. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have during the planning process. No matter how big or small your queries may be, we will go above and beyond to make sure your mind is at ease as you plan your big day.

A Wedding Venue Bursting with The Character You’ve Been Looking For!

Take a tour with our wedding coordinator to see how we can help you plan your perfect wedding day and discover how The Biscuit Factory is leading the way when it comes to a unique wedding venue in Newcastle.

Let our contemporary fine art, sculptures, original prints and jewellery from over 200 artists furnish your wedding day, add some individuality and style to your reception and give your guests something to marvel at during your reception.

The Gallery provides a dramatic entrance with the double-height atrium perfect for gatherings and photographs around some of the most diverse and inspiring artwork on display in the UK.

The Biscuit Room provides a blank canvas for you to turn into your dream space to really add that wow factor to your day. We can help you bring your ideas to life thanks to our expert skills, connections within the industry and the flair our wedding planners bring to each event.

Get In Touch and Begin Your Wedding Journey

Your beautiful wedding planning journey could begin today, by getting in touch with our dedicated team at The Biscuit Factory. Our wedding venue is located in the heart of Newcastle’s cultural quarter and is housed in a stunning Victorian warehouse.

With our experienced team of wedding planners, you can begin planning your special day right away, simply get in touch with us via our website!

Importance of doing short term beautician courses


There is tremendous growth in the beauty market. A suitable course from a reputable university must be chosen by someone who wants to pursue a profession in the beauty industry. A person should make every effort to stand out from the crowd given the fierce competition in the beauty business. The field of beauty is one that offers a wide variety of courses. Applying the appropriate cosmetic items on a person’s face to accentuate their beauty is the talent of makeup. There are many colleges that provide short-term beautician courses. If a person has an interest in learning makeup from the tutorials and has a keen interest in making new hairstyles, then he should pursue a short-term beautician course. This article provides a general overview of the importance of taking short-term beautician courses.

Why choose short-term beautician courses?

There is an enhancement of jobs in the beauty sector. It is advisable to get a beauty course from a recognised university. There are many beauty schools that offer short-term beautician courses. There are many benefits to taking short-term beautician courses. An individual will get a basic idea of makeup as well as skills such as sling eye makeup, do nail art, etc. One of the best benefits of doing short-term beautician courses is that an individual in a very early stage is able to either start his or her own salon or work under a professional makeup artist. For more information click short makeup courses in Dubai.

The earning potential of short-term beautician courses is also good because if a person does a course in bridal makeup, etc., he can earn up to Rupees 5,000 per event. There are many short-term beautician courses like henna artistry, waxing techniques, eyebrow design, etc. Short-term beautician courses are also advisable if the individual is not looking for a 9-to-5 job. So instead of doing long-term beauty courses, people should prefer short-term beautician courses because there are various job opportunities in this field, and a person can easily start a parlour or saloon from home also.


The trend of beauty markets will never stop until there are festivities like weddings, parties, birthdays, etc. Every person wants to look beautiful. It is recommended to do short-term beautician courses because there are many benefits. An individual can easily open a saloon or parlour and earn a good living if he or she does short-term beautician courses with full dedication and commitment.