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Wrong Machine Precision With Scilab-2.6

On some architectures Scilab-2.6 uses a machine precision %eps that is too large by a factor of 2. Find out about the details on our Scilab page.

Supporting the Open Source Revolution

The Open Source software[1] revolution is remodeling the computing world!

  • No longer are users tied to software that does not fit them like a glove. With the source code at their hands any Open Source software can be tailored to its users' exact demands. Bugs can be fixed immediately and locally, whereas with commercial software the user has no option other than to wait for the vendor to release a fix.

  • Open Source software unleashes the full power of modern hardware. Applications like ATLAS, PVM, Perl, mySQL, and GNU/Linux are a good examples.

  • Gone are the times of outrageous license costs, as Open Source software is distributed for the price of its distribution media; moreover there usually are no license contracts.

So everything is peaches and green? - Well, almost.

  • What is if you want support - comprehensive, reliable, and reachable support?

  • What if you want your favorite Open Source software package to be modified or extended, but you do not want to make the modifications yourself?

  • What if you want to learn more of how to exploit your Open Source Matlab®[2]-clone?

Hammersmith Consulting fills in these gaps for all popular Matlab®-clones:

  • Octave - as compatible as it can get!

  • Scilab - huge, powerful, integrated.

  • Tela - lean, clean, and ultra-fast.

Getting the most out of free Matlab® clones!

We help you to get the most out your Matlab® clone!

  • Having trouble and nothing is in the documentation? The newsgroup keeps radio silence? The developers are at their wits' ends? Then try our Support section.

  • Need a specific extension or an application that is written in the framework of one of the supported clones? Then the Application Development section is exactly for you.

  • Want to learn more, hone your skills? Check out our Training section.

[1] See Free Software Foundation (FSF) for more information.

[2] Matlab® is a registered trademark of The Mathworks, Inc.