Our courses are developed and taught by Dr. Christoph L. Spiel.

We offer classes in English and German language. Please feel free to contact us regarding your training needs.

Old(er) talks

Object oriented programming

Chris' first talk about a computer related topic dates back to 1995. It was given as a three hour seminar for physicists at his then university, TUM. The topic is object oriented programming. The slides are in German. The file is only available as gzipped PostScript®[1]: (94kB).

The Magic of Numerics Environments

“The Magic of Numerics Environments” is Part 1 of three introductory talks about what makes numerics environments so attractive. The talks' content is not just an advertisement for Scilab, Tela, or whatever program, but leads the audience (people who know a bit of imperative programming and a mathematical object called matrix) form Fortran-77 or C to New Fat City.

The slides are in English, and are available only in gzipped PostScript®: intro-magic-1 (84kB).

[1] PostScript® is a registered trademark of Adobe, Inc.