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  • Blazingly fast interpreter.

  • Sophisticated module-system.

  • User friendly C extensions


Developers and history

Tela's homepage has the complete Tela documentation online, and you can look at a list of features in versions 1.23 and later.

Tela graphics preview

For those of you who are curious how Tela's graphics look like, we have prepared an extra section of PlotMTV demos. PlotMTV is the external plotting application used by Tela. Since version 1.30, Tela supports the additional graphics output application SPPC.


We provide an extensive comparison of the elementary properties and features of several clones. For a discussion of Tela's highlights and lowlights see Tela Pros&Cons.

Further information

Furthermore, we are maintaining complementary documents, Rock 'n' Rolling Tela, containing additional tips and tricks, a Tela Quick Reference (90kB), and a reference sheet of the Tela C API (81kB).

Bookmarking into “Rock 'n' Rolling Tela”

Please do not bookmark any page of “Rock 'n' Rolling Tela” other than the root page,, because later versions might not contain the page you have bookmarked.

Want to get an impression of how Tela code looks like? Check out the Tela Sneak Preview page.

Optimum Speed Compiler Flag Settings. It has turned out that to get optimum performance from Tela, the g flag settings are crucial. We find the following settings achieve excellent results with g -3.0.1 and g77-3.0.1.

CFLAGS = -march=arch -O3 -fstrict-aliasing -fno-math-errno
FFLAGS = -march=arch -O3
UNROLL_FLAGS = -funroll-all-loops

Moreover, it is highly recommended to link with ATLAS and not with the reference implementation of BLAS / LAPACK .

Extension Packages

We provide a small number of freely available Tela modules and packages in the Tela extensions section.


Hammersmith Consulting is actively involved in the development of Tela. A great number of out patches and suggestions make it into the next Tela release. On the Tela Patches page we summarize what went into the last versions, and what is pending.