Hammersmith Consulting fills the support gap, making Open Source Software a true alternative! Everything you need to make your GNU/Octave, Scilab, or Tela a fully featured product, we have got it. Whether there is only a simple question, the need for a complete toolbox, or you think it is time for a seminar, we offer the whole range of services.


We provide a classical hot-line for all those little problems:

  • Does the foo function have a bar option?

  • The baz function does not work! Am I doing wrong something or is it a bug?

  • My code, foobar, does not do the job (anymore)! What is the cause?

  • Function foobaz works quite good, but I want to do something slightly different. Can you help me tweak it?

For how to enroll, our fees, and other details please refer to our support page.

Application development

We develop complete applications based on Octave, Scilab, or Tela. Whether you have just an idea of what you want, or you have a large existing code base that needs re-writing, the application development page is the place where you find what you are looking for.


We offer classes in introductory and intermediate Octave, Scilab, Tela programming, as well as C and Fortran interface programming for these environments.

Please take a look at the training page.