Tela has no built-in plotting capabilities, but relies on the external program PlotMTV. PlotMTV is seamlessly integrated into Tela.

PlotMTV is a multipurpose X11 plotting program. It specializes in contour plots, but it can also handle 2d and 3d plots. The plot-types supported are as follows:

  • contour plots on rectangular grids, as well as in irregular triangular meshes

  • 2d line and scatter plots (x-vs-y)

  • 3d surface, line and scatter plots

  • vector plots

  • probability plots

  • histograms

  • barcharts

The program has an simple but fully functional Graphical User Interface, through which it is possible to zoom in, zoom out, pan, toggle between 2d and 3d plots, and rotate 3d plots. Both color and gray-scale PostScript®[1] output are supported.

We are sorry that we cannot provide a hyper-link to the PlotMTV home-page, but there is none! The Oak Ridge National Laboratory hosts old Cornell proceedings, giving an overview of PlotMTV . To augment these, we have decided to render most of the PlotMTV demos, and gather them with the generating commands on this page.

[1] PostScript® is a registered trademark of Adobe, Inc.