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Our web-site is generated with Norman Walsh's <ndw@nwalsh.com> WebSite-DTD using XSL style sheets. The “design” is encoded in the XSL and the CSS files.


All content is written in ISO8859 encoded XML (called xml-mule) to allow for the transparent use of non-ASCII characters like the German umlauts. Different languages are collected in one file, simplifying the translation and easing the maintenance of the different versions. The multilingual xml-files are translated into 7-bit ASCII-xml files containing a single language with the GNU macro processor m4 and a Perl script. After that the xml files are fed through xt to generate a monolithic HTML page. The single page is broken down into chunks each containing only one topic. Finally, another Perl script fixes constructs that cause trouble with some browsers, and the HTML-tidier, tidy validates and corrects the files.

We regularly proofread the web-pages with Netscape [1], Mozilla, Amaya, Lynx, and W3M. For questions, rants, etc. please email the webmaster <webmaster@hammersmith-consulting.com>.


These are the people behind this website:

Christoph L. Spiel <cspiel@hammersmith-consulting.com> content, XML-system
Lydia E. van Dijk <lvandijk@hammersmith-consulting.com> content


Currently we do not host our site locally, but are guests on one of oberland.net's web servers. Check out their services, they are doing a great job.

[1] Netscape® is a registered trademark of Netscape Communications Corp.